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The World Won't Wait...

For the Comatose to Wake.

Grab Your Audience With the First Line
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"Art is decorated reguritation."

This is a community for the mundane and the spectacular.

Music does not play in the background of life. There is no "happily ever after". But thanks to the magic of words, we can all play pretend as long as we know the game.

Dictate a poem. Invent a short story. Observe a metaphor. Tell the truth. Stretch the facts. Blatanly lie. Expect critique. Don't stand for disrespect. Feel and don't think.


1. Correct grammar and puncuation, for the most part, are suggested for prose pieces. If you get on here and "tYp lYk thIz" I will ban you once for every second of my life you wasted.

2. Posts longer than twelve sentences must be under an LJ-cut.

3. No promoting for other communities without the written permission of a moderator, please. There are plently of communities for that specific reason, such as promos_lj.

4. Critique is expected, but cruelty is not allowed. I expect that everyone knows the difference.

5. Plagiarizing is not a joke. If we catch you, you will not get another warning. It will result in an immediate ban and a deleting of your post. If you feel that we have made a mistake, please direct your questions to seven.shades.of.blue@gmail.com.

6. If you would like to join this community, please first click "join community" at the top of the info page. Then send an e-mail to seven.shades.of.blue@gmail.com with your LJ username as the subject line and we will send you an application in 1 to 10 days. Please post the answers to your application here. If you are invited by the first 30 members, you are guaranteed an admission. Please indicate that in your e-mail.

7. Once you become a member, I suggest that you make all of your entries friends only. This is not a rule; however, if you don't, remember that it is possible for non-members to plagiarize your work.

8. You receive only one warning for each of these rules that you violate. If you break the rule again, you will be banned and your post deleted. Again, if you feel that we have made a mistake, please direct your questions to us via e-mail. If we have made an error, we will revoke your warning and / or ban.

9. YOU MUST RESPOND TO AT LEAST ONE "QUESTION OF THE WEEK" PER MONTH, please. After the last question of the month has been posted, you have exactly one week from that date to post an answer to any of the posed questions. Suggestions for a "Question of the Week" are currently being accepted.

Moderated by drowning_ry
Co-moderated by yoliesraft

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