Caitlin (spork20) wrote in seven_shades,

But I don't want to kick the habit...

I think I am addicted... The only time I am ever perfectly calm and content is when I am there. You know, there. That general place that can be anywhere in the world to me. Anywhere but here, of course. You see, the only time that I have ever truly felt at home was a time when I was, in fact, as far from home as was possible. There is almost nowhere, even in the entire country, where I can feel at home and comfortable with myself. But drop me alone at a university I've never heard of in a foreign country where I do not speak the official language, sign me up for classes about subjects I never learned anything about, tell me how to transfer my money into something with which I am unfamiliar, and push me into a new and frightening system, and I could never hope to be happier. I feel so alive, the rush is so great, everything is new and exciting and wonderful all at once and then...

I leave. I have to go. My vacation from reality is over and it's time for me to return to that place that I call "home". Home. Where the heart is? Or something? Well, it's where my passport is, and where my body is, both waiting idly until my next excursion into the unknown, the unattainable, the unfamiliar, the unforgettable.
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