Ryan (prostheticbeing) wrote in seven_shades,

I do not know what I want to say - it becomes increasingly apparent every day, and I really do not feel that it matters anymore. I am putting this pen on this paper because I need it. Damn the dictionary and thesaurus. I don't think I began writing out of necessity. It was an ego boost. I like to make myself sound smart and, over time, I have developed quite a talent for it - not because I am talented, but because I am meticulous. It has laid dormant for a long time now, but I think that it was embedded in my bones somehow. It itches like a pesky rash that will never have hope of healing if I do not engage in in-depth analyses of everything around me. So, that is my cause for being a writer - the desire to reach some grand, ineffable understanding which will make the need to analyze cease.
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